Summer Hebrew Practice

We hope you are having a great summer enjoying family and friends and just getting more time to relax and play.  If you add just a little bit of Hebrew practice to your fun and lazy summer days, it will make a lot of difference come fall.

Here are our recommendations for each grade.  We have provided links to the resources that you may need in the sidebar to the right.  Use the recommendations for the grade(s) your student(s) were in last school year.


Set aside a time each day to review the Hebrew letters with your child(ren). Parents who don’t know Hebrew can learn along with their child using the materials available on the OKCJS website.
  • Talk about the letters you know with your family. 
  • Make letter shapes with food, play doh, your body, etc. 
  • Make letter shapes with Legos. Follow the directions in the sidebar.
  • Draw/color pictures about the letters you know.
  • Color pages from My Book of Hebrew Letters (see link in sidebar).
The Shalom Hebrew app reviews all of the Hebrew decoding skills that students need to be successful learning Hebrew prayers.

Grades 1-3

  • Use the Shalom Hebrew app to work through lessons 1-25 again and play the games.
  • Make letter shapes with Legos. Follow the directions in the sidebar.
  • Read aloud to the family.  The Read & Read Again and Family Companion worksheets can be downloaded from the sidebar on the right.
  • Parents who don’t read Hebrew can use the “cheat sheet” second page of the Family Companion. Just don’t let your student(s) use it!

Grades 4-6

Zombie Pizza Party is a fun game on the Hebrew in Harmony app.
  • Use the Hebrew in Harmony app to practice the prayers you have learned and play the games. 
  • Practice prayers that you have learned (see list of prayers by level in Order for Prayer Learning in the sidebar on the right).

Grade 7

  • Follow Rabbi Spivak’s instructions.

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