Parent To Do List

Here is what you need to do so that your student will be ready for school on Sunday, September 8:

  1. Complete the online registration if you haven’t already.
    • Go ahead and start it now, you can stop and return to the registration at a later date.
    • This must be done BEFORE your child is allowed into class.
  2. Assign a bag for your child to use as their school bag this year.
    • This can be a cloth shopping bag, book bag, backpack, etc.
    • Put their name on it.
  3. Find your returning 3rd-7th graders Green Folder and Black Binder.
    • Put these in their bag.
  4. Remind your 3rd-7th grader to play games in their Shalom Hebrew or Hebrew in Harmony App every day this week. Just games. Tell them they can’t do anything else.

Your student(s) are ready for school. Now that wasn’t hard, was it?

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