In the Library – בַּסִּפְרִיָּה

In the Library – Ba-sifriah

The 1st day of Religious School in the Fisher Library — what could be better? With High Holy Days a few weeks off, Librarian, Rachel Haus, focused on our current month of Elul — a time of introspection and preparation.

The Kindergartners learned all about loving-kindness and the golden rule using a delightfully illustrated book by Laurie Keller called
Rachel chose a longer story for the 1st-2nd graders called YETTELE’S FEATHERS about the long-lasting cruelty of lashon ha-rah (evil speech, or gossip and how there are some actions that require more than simple apologies.
Finally, for the 4th-7th graders, we discussed the connection between the month of Elul and Shir Ha-Shirim (Song of Songs) found in the Tanach. Shir Ha-Shirim is a book of love poetry, but the Rabbis interpreted these beautiful and sensuous verses, especially “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” as representing a loving relationship between God and Israel.
The 4th-7th grade students learned that there cannot be true atonement without love. That kind of close relationship was emphasized by existential philosopher Martin Buber in his book I AND THOU.


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