Questions for the Ride Home

Suppose the title should be “Questions for the Dinner Table”. Different issue than last week yet the results for you were the same. These questions are always posted to the blog during school on Sunday so feel free to go directly to the blog if your email doesn’t come.

KWhat sound does the hebrew letter tav make? What happened when Moses held his staff over the sea?
1-2Who was Adam and Eve? What happened to them? Why was the snake “evil”? What does it mean to “trick” someone? What is the Tree Of Life (TORAH!!) and why is it important? What is Betzelem Elokim (being made in the image of Hashem)? 
3What is the Shema? Why is it important? What is a gift you could give to be closer to G_d? 
4What is the blessing formula? (Baruch atah adonai, elohainu melech haolam…)  What are you thankful for? Can you tell me one blessing you know/learned today?
5-6Who is Ruth? Why is she an important Biblical figure to know about? 
7What is the main theme of Ashrei?  What is the Cain and Abel story? What did they learn about the story that they had never heard before?
HSWhy do you think integrating Judaism and cultural values into a secular community continues to be a challenge for Jews?

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