Lesson Overviews for Parents

Judaism Lesson Overview

KMoses and PharaohTrusting in God helps us through difficult times and maintains the Jewish people.
1-2Adam & EveWho was the first person that God created? Why did God create a second person?
3Parashat Vayikra: Sacrifice, Gifts, Drawing nearWhat is the connection between an offering to God and drawing close to God? How can I make an offering to God through my actions? 
4Am Yisrael ─ Session Alef: All Jews are Members of Am Yisrael; I Am a Member of Am YisraelWho is a member of Am Yisrael? How do Jews feel connected to Am Yisrael? What is my connection to Am Yisrael?
5-6M’gillah Rut/The Book of Ruth: Mining the Text for MeaningHow can a deeper reading of a biblical text help me discover meanings or messages that are not readily apparent? How do questions (not necessarily their answers) help me find out more meaning in text? What is my own assessment of the meaning of the Book of Ruth?
7Cain and AbelWhat is my relationship with my siblings? Students will discuss what they can learn about family relationships in the Torah and reflect on how they can find themselves in this text. 
HSThe Age of Hellenism Students will discuss and identify what helped Jews resist the temptation and maintain their Jewish identities? They will then apply these ideas to their own lives today, how to develop a modern Jewish identity in today’s ever-evolving world. 

K-3 Hebrew Lesson Overview

LetterTransliteration & TranslationWord of the DayTransliteration & TranslationLesson
patah kamatz  
Vowel sound “ah”
pp. 8-11
3בּ ת תּ שpatah kametzמBet, Tav, Tav, Shin
Vowel “ah”

4-7 Hebrew Lesson Overview

MannabergBrachotBlessing for food & “WOW!” blessings
SchickerKiddushRead the Va’y’chulu paragraph accuratelyRoot zayin, chaf, reish
SpivakAshreiAshrei is an acrostic


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