Questions for the Ride Home

KWhat sound does Shin make? What was written on the stone tablets? (Ten Commandments)
1-2What sound does the letter Mem make? What are some words that start with Mem? How were each of the animals on the ark unique, and what were their unique needs? How is understanding how Noach took care of the unique needs of animals similar to our understanding of how to take care of the unique needs of people? Why would God choose a Rainbow? 
3Why do we say prayers/brachot? What can we say brachot for? What are some examples of non-kosher foods?
4What are the blessings for Shabbat and the ritual objects that go along with the blessings
5-6Ask your student how they understand the Book of Ruth. Ask your student what it means that we both remember and observe Shabbat.
7How does being grateful affect your mood? What is the Akeida (The binding of Isaac) about? How do you feel about how Abraham, Isaac and God behaved in this story?
HSShould violence conducted to honor G-D and defend a Jewish state still be considered violence? (reference to assassination of Israeli Prime Minister in 1995 for beginning peace keeping efforts with Arab neighbors). 

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