Things You Can Do at Home this Week

KColor in the letter shin coloring sheet, complete the shin packet.  Color in coloring pages of the Ten Commandments tablets, and (complete parts of the packet that weren’t completed in class)
1-2Review mem using the activities on the “Things to Do at Home” form. Go over the Story of Noach, What animal your student chose as the one they would want to be on the ark, Talk about the idea of the Rainbow (covenant with G-D).
3Hebrew Lesson 3 in Shalom Hebrew app.  Read and Read again pp. 17 and 19. Practice flash cards for Lessons 1-3.  Complete any pages in Lesson 1-3 not completed in class. Portfolio of Holy living page 9 in Judaism workbook: write a poem or haiku about kosher food/living.
4Practice daily blessings.  Practice shabbat blessings.  Use flashcards and the Hebrew in Harmony app to practice vocabulary.
5-6Record yourself on the app reading/chanting the Kiddush.
7Practice Ashrei.
HSMini lesson plan OR bulletin board – brainstorm/creation, pp 32.

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