Things You Can Do at Home This Week

KColor in the letter Lamed coloring sheet, complete the Lamed packet.  Finish the Naomi and Ruth packet at home, color in a picture of Ruth and Naomi.
1-2Review all letters learned (Bet, Tav, Shin Mem) and focus on new letters Kaf, Lamed and Hay. Finish workbook pages not done in class through page 23. Review sounds of Letters.  Discuss the Story of Abraham and Sarah.
3Use the Shalom Hebrew app.  Work on lessons 1-4. Practice a blessing.  Do the journal entry on page 11 about something they would have done differently after hurting someone.
4Continue to practice B’rachot for everyday wonders and special miracles.  Do the 3 B’rachot for shabbat. Learn more about the land of Israel from books and the internet.
5-6Practice Kiddush with the app.  Practice other prayers you have learned.  Discuss the letter that is being sent home.
7Use the Hebrew in Harmony app to practice Ashrei and other prayers you know.  
HSIdentify ways you haven’t lived in accordance with your values during the last year. Identify the values that you want to be more “front and center” for the new year.  Practice labeled praises 🙂 

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