? What We are Singing ?

Here’s What We are Singing this Week

KIntroYom KippurSukkotBoker Tov, Boker Or (Ellen Allard)On Yom Kippur (Lisa Baydush)Come On Into My Sukkah (Ellen Allard)Party In the Sukkah (Lisa Baydush) 
1-2IntroYom KippurSukkotHine Mah Tov (call and response folk melody)Tap Your Heart (Eliana Light)Come On Into My Sukkah (Ellen Allard)
No class this week
5-7IntroRH/Yom KippurHinei Mah Tov (Mikey Pauker)Tekiyah (Eliana Light)Ometz Lev (“Courage of the Heart,” Isaac Zones)If time, Toot the Horn (Billy Jonas)
AllPre-break AssemblyThe Birthday Song (Hebrew Wizard Family Band)Shofar Blast (Ellen Allard)

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