Lesson Overviews for Parents 10/6

Judaism Lesson Overview

KDavid & GoliathThe children learned about David’s bravery and identified ways they can act brave themselves.
1-2RebeccaThe children learned about Rebekkah’s kindness to others and identified qualities she had that they can emulate
3Tochecha (Rebuking others)We will be talking about when and how to rebuke someone, and apply the guidelines for reproving someone as described in Jewish commentaries to a new situation.
4Eretz YisraelEretz Yisrael past and present
5-6Mishlei (Book of Proverbs)We will be exploring the Book of Proverbs by learning first what a Proverb is, and then picking one to delve more deeply into.
7RebekaStory of Rebeka Esau and Isaac and why the decision Rebeka made was difficult and had no easy solution
HSJudaism and ChristianityThe students identified how Christianity and Judaism are related, gained a better understanding of the early Christian/Judaic conflict and brainstormed action steps that they can do today to improve relationships with non-Jews.

K-3 Hebrew Lesson Overview

LetterTransliteration & TranslationWord of the DayTransliteration & TranslationLesson
Lechem (bread)
Lev (heart)

1-2ר כ  Rosh, Chaf רֹאשׁהַחדָשָׁהRosh Hashanah
3ב דVav, DaletהַבְדָלָהHavdalah5

4-7 Hebrew Lesson Overview

MannabergL’cha dodiLearning the chorus.  Concept of welcoming the shabbat bride.
SchickerBar’chuLesson 1 of Bar’chu. Learning the root Beit Raish Caf (blessing/praise). 
SpivakThe Torah ServiceReceiving the Torah, practicing the prayers.

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