Instructions for All School Student Led Service at TBI November 1st at 7pm

We have a wonderful service planned! We are looking forward to joining with our extended community for worship, friendship and fun.

Shana Winter Award for Jewish Education

Henry and Ellen Winter will be on hand to award trophies to our Shana Winter Award recipients: Asher Saltzman, Isaac Rubin and Nathan Strauss.

Collecting Diapers for St. Luke’s Diaper Bank

During the service, we’ll be joined by Allie VanHeest, chair of the board of St. Luke’s Diaper Bank. Allie will kick off a campaign to collect diapers and wipes throughout the month of November. Diapers and diapering supplies may be placed in the collection box at TBI, and will be delivered to SLDB at the end of the month. The school will also have a collection box at CoM for your convenience.

Student’s Role In and Prep for the Service

The students will be participating in the parts of the service that they have been studying. This will be a fun community wide event as CoM will not be holding services so that everyone can attend.

View the Service Order to see what part(s) your child is participating in.

Listen to Naomi’s Spotify Service Playlist to practice the songs they will be playing.

Students dress in Shabbat appropriate attire and arrive by 6:50 and sit with their teacher and classmates. High Schoolers arrive at 5:30.

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