Things You Can Do at Home this Week 11/3

KColor in the Resh coloring sheet, and complete the resh packet. 
1-2Review all of the letters you have learned – Bet, Taf, Shin, Patach, Kamatz, Mem, Lamed, Kaf, Hay, Reish, Caf, Vet,  Daled, Aleph, Vav, Tzadee and Koof and the vowel kirik (long ee sound, one dot under the letter). Talk with your family about the various stories in the book of Beresheit/Genesis (Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham & Sarah Welcoming Visitors, Rebekkah’s Kindness at the Well, Jacob and Esau, Joseph and His Brothers, 
3Berhman app lesson 8, page 19 of the CHAI book
4Practice Shalom Aleichem using HiH App
5-6Record yourself reading Ma’Ariv Aravim.  Practice Ma’Ariv Aravim and the other prayers you know in your app.
7Practice Haftarah and Shabbat prayers.  Record yourself in your app.
HSResearch/identify one contribution from Ashkenazi Jews and one contribution from Sephardic Jews. 

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