Questions for the Ride Home 11/10

KWhat sound does Dalet make? What is a synagogue, and why is it important ?
1-2What letter is Ayin Similar to (Aleph)? What does it mean to be a Jew through the practice of Prayer? How is striving for a connection with God, Avodah, like work? How does the practice of Prayer keep my relationship with myself, with God, and with the Jewish People in good shape? How can your actions make time sacred? What are the special concepts and symbols associated with the New Year? How can you be apart of the Jewish Story by engaging in the process of Teshuvah? What word starts with Ayin (Eitz) 
3What is one interesting thing you learned on the scavenger hunt? Why? What does Navi mean? 
4What prayers have deep meaning for you, meanings that may be hard to express in words?
5-6How can you renew creation?
7What is a life cycle event?  Why do we make rituals for these events?  What life cycle events have you been to?
HSWhat are some ways you can better detect and overcome temptation?

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