Lesson Overviews for Parents 11/17

Judaism Lesson Overview

KA Place to PrayThe students will become familiar with the sanctuary and its ritual furnishings and learn that the sanctuary is a room in the synagogue that is used for prayer and celebration.
1-2SukkotThe students discuss the mitzvot that we do on Sukkot, create a Sukkah Decoration to welcome guests and shake the lulav & etrog;
3Road signs to GodThe students will create signs to help others recognize God in challenging times.
4Keva: why we prayThe work we do to learn the jewish prayers
5-6Public Torah ReadingLesson 1 of 2 on Ezra and the role of public Torah reading. Students will learn about the history of reading Torah publically and its role today.
7bar/bat mitzvah and marriageIn depth discussion of preparation for and parts of bar/bat mitzvah and wedding ceremony. Students will create a Personal Preparation Plan that will include their reflections about what is needed in order to become a bar/bat mitzvah in the sense of entering responsible Jewish adulthood
HSThe Polish Kehillah and German Enlightenment AND Revolution & EmancipationThe students will understand how Jewish life became more diversified, describe ways that Jews integrated into the larger secular community, and better understand the role of 17th/18th Jews of Poland and Lithuania, and how they impacted modern Jewish communities. 
Students will also identify various opportunities that emancipation brought Jews, describe challenges that came with increased freedom, and reflect on how the challenges Jews faced during emancipation impact Jews today.

K-3 Hebrew Lesson Overview

LetterTransliteration & TranslationWord of the DayTransliteration & TranslationLesson
KאAlefאָלֶף בֵּית
אֲרוֹן הַקוֹדֶשׁ
Alef BetAron HaKodesh (Holy Ark)
1-2נ   Nunנֶר תָמִדדNer Tamid (Eternal Light)

4-7 Hebrew Lesson Overview

MannabergShalom AleichemGreeting one another with blessings of peace, Shalom.
SchickerMa’ariv Aravim and Yotzer OrLesson 3. Diversity and beauty of nature, connection to prayer and Creation.
SpivakOseh Shalom, Sim Shalom, Shalom RavVarious ways we pray for peace; the root meanings of “shalom”

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