Things You Can Do at Home This Week 11/24

KFinish How We Pray booklet.  Finish coloring sheets.  
1-2Review the booklet and talk about the holiday Simchat Torah with your family.  Complete any unfinished pages in your Hebrew textbook through page 74. Practice letters previously learned (Bet, Taf, Shin, Patach, Kamatz, Mem, Lamed, Kaf, Hay, Reish, Caf, Vet,  Daled, Aleph, Vav, Tzadee, Koof and the Hirik Vowel, Ayin and Nun).
3Create one new metaphor for your relationship with God. Work on the Berhman app lesson 11
4Practice shalom Aleichem and vocab words using the HiH app.  Attend service and follow the rubric.
5-6Share your learning with your family. Work on reading fluency on the prayers you know, and vocabulary practice.
7Notice the difference between utilitarian things and beautiful things in your life
HSMake signs/materials for fundraiser December 15th. 

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