Lesson Overviews for Parents – 12/8

Judaism Lesson Overview

No Judaism lesson due to time constraints
1-2What is a blessing?The children create a blessings collage that illustrates the things that they are thankful to God for in their lives .
3Getting ConnectedStudents will draw pictures of a time in their lives when they felt close to God and will identify appropriate times to say Shehecheyanu.
4Finding Keva and Kavanah in the ShemaAnalyze the themes of the Shema and V鈥檋avtah and will interpret the message of those themes in their own lives.
5-6Finding Our Way to Sinai: The Torah ServiceStudents will learn about the different parts of the Torah Service and what they represent. 
7Birth & DeathThe students explore Jewish ways of finding sacred connections to God during birth and death.
HSThe Rise of AntisemitismThe students will better understand why some Europeans resented and mistrusted Jews, identify ways that Jews responded to anti-Jewish prejudice, and describe similarities between Jewish history of antisemitism and modern day antisemitism. 

K-3 Hebrew Lesson Overview

LetterTransliteration & TranslationWord of the DayTransliteration & TranslationLesson
KVav讜侄专侄讚Vered (Rose)
1-2讬  Yud讬执砖职讉专指讗值诇Yisrael (Israel)
3Final Mem诇职讞址讬执讬诐L鈥檆haimTo Life13

4-7 Hebrew Lesson Overview

MannabergEin KeloheinuStudent鈥檚 joined Rabbi Spivak鈥檚 class which was learning the same lesson they were studying.
SchickerV鈥檃havtaLesson 1: understanding the words of V鈥檃havta through music
SpivakEin KeloheinuLesson 1: Students learned that Ein Keloheinu is an acrostic and spent time creating a drawing using the words of Ein Keloheinu in Hebrew.

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