Questions for the Ride Home 12/15

KWhat sound does koof make?  What does keshet mean? (rainbow).  What is a kiddish cup? (the cup we put wine/juice in on Shabbat. Tell me about seeing the Torahs.  What does the Torah “wear”?
1-2What letters have we learned so far this semester? What are the sounds of some of the letters we have learned? What are some key words (IN HEBREW) that we have learned? What is Havdalah? Why is it important to make distinctions or separations in time? What are the ways in which Jews make separations in time? 
3What does kadosh (holy) mean?  How can we act holy?
4Did you ever believe that you were miraculously saved from an accident?
5-6What did you learn about bar/bat mitzvahs today that you would like to include in yours?
7What do the words hiddur mitzvah, transcendent and immanent mean?  What is Adon Olam about?
HSHow did diversity contribute to American Judaism.  How does diversity continue to be a common theme of modern day Judaism?

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