Lesson Overviews for Parents

Judaism Lesson Overview

KThe rabbi and the cantorStudents will learn that the rabbi and cantor lead prayer services and help us to celebrate many different events in Jewish life and that cantors help us pray by leading us in special songs during synagogue services.  Rabbis Spivak and Schicker visit the classroom.
1-2HanukkahStudents act out their own retelling of the Chanukah story and complete the sentences: I am a part of the Chanukah story today; I am like the Maccabees when I.. 
3Everything鈥檚 B鈥檚eder: Everything is in order Students will articulate the difference between the way order feels and the way disorder or chaos feels and be able to plan one way to bring more order into their lives.
4KiddushThe holiness of the shabbat service
5-6The Blessings of the TorahStudents will learn about the blessings before and after the Torah is read, and will contemplate the question of chosenness. 
7High HolidaysWhat is the meaning of Kol Nidrei and how does it teach about teshuva and connection to God and community?
In Jewish History students share with the class family migration stories, collectively build table of historical events of the time period under review, collectively outline factors that might lead to migration and compare current migration situation in 2020鈥檚 to that of 100 years ago.  In Ethics & Values students develop a starting data set of Jewish sources which describe courageous / strong women, identify the role of media in biasing our thinking with regard to role modeling, hero vs. victim and synthesize ideas regarding Judaism teaching and women鈥檚 roles.

K-3 Hebrew Lesson Overview

LetterTransliteration & TranslationWord of the DayTransliteration & TranslationLesson
KTsadee爪职讚指拽指讛爪职驻址专职讚值注址TzedakaTzefardaiah (Frog)
1-2讜止 Holam vowel
Long O sound

4-7 Hebrew Lesson Overview

MannabergEin Keloheinu and Adon OlamLooking at the rhyming structure in Adon Olam.  The various names of God in Adon Olam. How our relationship with God will change over time.
SchickerV鈥檃havta lesson 3Chanting and singing – what is the difference? How does studying Torah bring us closer to God and one another?
SpivakGevurotWhat powers or actions of God does this prayer describe?  How do they connect to the Jewish phrase 鈥淟鈥機haim!鈥?

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