Things You Can Do at Home This Week 1/19

Things You Can Do at Home this Week

KColor in the Ayin coloring sheet.
1-2Review letters learned throughout the entire semester (Bet, Taf, Shin, Patach, Kamatz, Mem, Lamed, Kaf, Hay, Reish, Caf, Vet,  Daled, Aleph, Vav, Tzadee, Koofm the Hirik Vowel, Ayin, Nun Chet, the holam vowel and Tet). Look at the textbook: Pages 1-64 or looking at the new letter: Pgs 65-67.  Practice writing letters with Playdough or just paper and pencil.
3Do one thing this week that you talked about during the “love your body” activity. Review vocabulary and practice emmett 
4Practice Adon Olam and Ein Keloheinu, vocabulary words.  Use HiH app and record your voice!
5-6Review all of your vocabulary! Go over all the prayers learned so far.              
7Practice G’vurot and all of the prayers you have learned so far.  Use HiH app and record your voice!
HSIdentify questions/comments for Tabitha Mpamira. Review

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