Lesson Overviews for Parents 1/26

Judaism Lesson Overview

KA Place to CelebrateThe students will learn that the synagogue is a place we go to celebrate Jewish life with other people, know that the synagogue is the place where happy events such as Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, weddings and baby namings are celebrated with family friends and the synagogue congregation, appreciate the joy of celebrating with others.
1-2PesachStudents will reenact the Exodus Story and discuss how eating matzah reminds us of the message of the Exodus story to not oppress (to not be mean or take advantage of) others.
3Ordinary Moments can be Kadosh (holy)The students will identify ordinary moments as times that can also be kadosh and choose a blessing to add to their morning routine.
4Moments of WonderBlessing moments of wonder make them Holy.
5-6The Role of Sh’liach TziburThe students will rotate through stations learning about the different responsibilities of the sh’liach tzibur (the prayer leader).
7Chanukah and PurimStudents will learn about the Ha HaNisim prayers and what Chanukah and Purim have in common.
HSJewish Nationalism and Zionism

Ethics, Values & Social Action: “A Song to the Lions”
The students will:Describe how the idea of creating a modern Jewish state developed, along with very different visions for that state. Explain how the success or failure of emancipation in a country affected the Jews’ support of ZionismApply what they have learned to analyze, evaluate, and explain how the existence of the modern State of Israel influences our Jewish identities today
Special speaker: Tabitha Mpamira – Rwandan refugee, who founded the EDJA Foundation in UgandaThe students will:Better understand how trauma and stressful life experiences (i.e. immigration, genocide, sexual assault) can affect the way you view the world Learn about the power of one woman on public health and social advocacy Ask questions to social advocate about how to make a difference in their own community and her own personal challenges navigating social justice work

K-3 Hebrew Lesson Overview

LetterTransliteration & TranslationWord of the DayTransliteration & TranslationLesson
3פּ סPay, SamachפֶּסַחPesach(Passover)17

4-7 Hebrew Lesson Overview

MannabergShema lesson 1Students will learn how the Shema simply states the central theme of Judaism.
SchickerMi Chamocha lesson 1Students will learn that Mi Chamocha is a rhetorical question and what that means. Where it is found in the prayer service and how to translate it.
SpivakHavdalahStudents will learn about Havdalah, the meaning of the prayer, the difference between holy and everyday objects and time.

Library Lesson Overview

All classes will be reviewing books having to do with Exodus, Moses, Miriam, etc.

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