What You Can Do at Home This Week 1/19

KFinish coloring in your alef bet coloring sheets.  Review your Judaism packet, complete the game in your Judaism packet.
1-2Review letters learned throughout the entire semester (Bet, Taf, Shin, Patach, Kamatz, Mem, Lamed, Kaf, Hay, Reish, Caf, Vet,  Daled, Aleph, Vav, Tzadee, Koof and the Hirik Vowel, Ayin, Nun, Chet, Yud, the Holam Vowel, Tet and Segol Vowel). Look at the textbook: Pages 1-67 or looking at the new letter: Pgs 68/69Practice writing letters with Playdough or just paper and pencil.  Discuss the Exodus Story and the holiday of Passover, Review the Questions for the Ride Home.
3Review your problem word from vocabulary review.  Try to do your new morning schedule for 2 mornings this week.  Practice your part for the Saturday service on 2/1.
4Practice Shema every night before bedtime.  Practice your part for the Saturday service on 2/1.
5-6Practice reading Mi Chamocha. Play games on the app. Practice vocabulary.  Practice your part for the Saturday service on 2/1.
7Do all or any part of Havdalah on a Saturday evening.  Practice your part for the Saturday service on 2/1.
HSPractice your part for the Saturday service. 


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