Questions for the Ride Home 3/8/2020

KWhat sound does Tet make? How can you be kind to yourself?
1-2What sound does the letter sin make? What letter is Sin the brother of (Shin!)? What is a word that starts with Sin (Simchat Torah)? How is taking turns an act of G’Milut Chasadim? How is including others an act of G’Milut Chasadim? 
3What does Pirkei Avot 1:14 say about helping others and helping yourself? What is the chet and kamatz rule?
4How does accepting others make our community stronger?
5-6What did you make today?  What did you learn by making it?
7What can you do to bring God’s holiness into your life?
HSTalk about how it felt to prepare for the community celebration of Purim.

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