Get ready for OKCJS Online!

The teaching team met today during our usual school hours to make plans for OKCJS Online. We will be ready to begin online classes this Wednesday with grades 3-7 and will offer all classes online beginning Sunday. We will not be changing our curriculum, just the method we use to present it.

We will be using several apps to connect our teachers and students in our online school. We will be using a variety of age appropriate apps to make our lessons interactive (flash cards, games, polls, word clouds, to name a few). More details on those apps will come once the teachers have completed their lesson plans.

Everyone will connect together with Zoom. If you don’t already have a Zoom account, go to and create a free basic account. That is all you will need.

You can connect to all of the apps we will use with a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. You will also need an internet service. If you do not have the required technology, please let Nora know ASAP so that we can make sure your students are able to connect.

We have been advised that parents of students in grades K-3 should plan for a parent or sitter to attend school with their child. Parents of older children should plan for a parent or sitter to attend the first part of the first lesson to get their students started. We may change this requirement as we all learn more about this method of learning.

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