OKCJS Online 3/18

School will start at 4:30. All students (except Rabbi Spivak’s CoM 7th graders) will have some group work interspersed with independent work. They will also be given a break about halfway through the session.

Steph Haft and I will be popping in and out of the classrooms to assist and oversee. We are also available to help you troubleshoot any technical difficulties you may have. You can reach us by text or phone at Nora Chaus (269) 373-4138 or Steph Haft (505) 301-8816.

Here is how your students will connect with their teachers. If you have trouble connecting or have questions during school, please text me at 269-373-4138 and I will help you troubleshoot.

3rd Grade

Teacher – Nava Haus
Assistant – Julia Strauss
Meeting ID: 805 821 2858
Password: okcjs

3rd Grade Quizlet Flashcards https://quizlet.com/join/za7V5aHNS

3rd Grade Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTM0ODE2Mjc3Mzha
Class Code: odvicuk

4th Grade

Teacher – Mr. Mannaberg
Assistant – Jonah Pilnick
Meeting ID: 506 226 7591
Password: okcjs

Mr. Mannaberg’s Quizlet Flashcards https://quizlet.com/join/7Es4UP6md

Mr. Mannaberg’s Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTM0OTg4MDUxNTFa
Class Code: cujmyqc

5th & 6th Grade + TBI 7th Graders

Teacher – Rabbi Schicker
Assistant – Rob Manson, Ben Pilnick
Meeting ID: 935 227 404
Password: okcjs

Rabbi Schicker’s Quizlet Flash Cards https://quizlet.com/join/jQ5HRFtcT

CoM 7th Graders

Teacher – Michelle Angel
Assistant – Micky “Doad” Koss
Class will be conducted by phone. Please email OKCJSDirector@gmail.com and let us know what phone number you would like us to call to connect with your student.

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