Getting Ready for OKCJS Online 3/22

OKCJS Online 3/22

Each school day, all of the links and information that you will need to get your student connected to our online classes will be posted on the blog. The title of the blog post will be OCKJS Online followed by the date. Take a look at Wednesday’s post to see what it will look like. Expect Sunday’s blog post to be up some time on Saturday. Based on our experience Wednesday, expect the page to be updated at the last minute as things change. During the school day, if you are trying a link and it doesn’t work, first try refreshing your browser.

How we will connect

Everyone will connect together with Zoom. If you don’t already have a Zoom account, go to and create a free basic account. That is all you will need. If you are new to Zoom, here are instructions

We will be using a variety of age appropriate apps to make our lessons interactive (flash cards, games, polls, word clouds, to name a few). Links to these apps will be posted on the blog post. All of the apps we are using are free.

Make sure your student has these things

So that your student has a good learning experience, please make sure your student has the materials necessary for learning.

  • Worksheets linked under their class on the blog page
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Markers or crayons
  • Textbooks
  • A quiet place to learn

Note: there may be other things specific to your student’s class listed on the blog page. We will be careful to limit the list to things most people have in their homes.

Parents role during school

  • Parents of students in K-2 should plan to participate with your student during the entire class unless the teacher says it is OK to leave.
  • Parents of students in grades 3-4 should plan to be sure their student gets logged on. They may use their own judgement about whether their students needs them to stay. If you stay, try not to distract your student.
  • Parents of students in grades 5-HS should plan to be sure their student gets logged on and then they can leave the room.
  • All parents should keep the student’s area as free of noise and distraction as is possible in a home with the whole family staying home.
  • If you have two students in different classes, set them up with different devices in different rooms if at all possible.



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