OKCJS Online! Wednesday 4/22

Links to classrooms

Main Classroom (3rd Grade and Mr. Mannaberg’s class will meet in the main classroom)

Rabbi Schicker’s Classroom
Rabbi Schicker’s Meeting ID: 990 6761 0968
Rabbi Schicker’s Password: 166135

7th Grade (all 7th graders will meet together)

3rd Grade

Teacher – Naomi Verne
Assistant –

3rd Grade Quizlet Flashcards 

3rd Grade Google Classroom 
Class Code: odvicuk

3rd Grade Alef Bet Cards

Things to do at Home

4th Grade

Teacher – Mr. Mannaberg
Assistant – Jonah Pilnick

Mr. Mannaberg’s Quizlet Flashcards https://quizlet.com/join/7Es4UP6md

Mr. Mannaberg’s Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/NTM0OTg4MDUxNTFa
Class Code: cujmyqc

Please Print

Things to do at Home

5th & 6th Grade

Teacher – Rabbi Schicker
Assistant – Ben Pilnick and Rob Manson

Rabbi Schicker’s Quizlet Flash Cards https://quizlet.com/join/jQ5HRFtcT

Addional Supplies Needed

  • A phone or tablet that is separate from what they are using for Zoom so that they can play Kahoot!. If you don’t have this, plan to hang around and help your student open up 2 browser windows and size them to be viewed side by side.

Please Print

Things to do at Home

7th Grade

Teacher – Steph Haft
Assistant – Julia Strauss

Rabbi Spivak’s Quizlet Flash Cards

Please Print or Read Online as Needed

Things to do at Home

  1. Practice reading the prayers we have learned.
  2. Practice your congregation’s melody for the prayers we have learned.
  3. Practice the prayers and games in the Hebrew in Harmony app.
  4. Practice vocabulary in Quizlet.

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