Shh! Can you keep this secret?

Can you keep a secret? Each parent has an important role to play in our end of year celebration on 5/17. There will be awards and prizes. Some serious and some quite silly. All lots of fun. Teachers are furiously creating a fun celebration for our children and a packet for each child will be delivered to your house next week. Your job is to keep the contents of that packet secret. It will be labeled “Do Not Open Until May 17”. Please don’t peek inside. During the actual celebration, you will be told when to open the packet and when and how to present the items in it to your child.

We are hoping we can have a “drive-in movie” like assembly in the parking lot at CoM. We are still working on the logistics. There’s lots to consider to make sure everyone will be safe and make sure we are in compliance with the stay at home orders.

Our tentative plans are to have an hour of school on Zoom and then have everyone drive to CoM for our awards ceremony which we hope to also broadcast on Zoom as well. More details to follow.

If you have unique issues or concerns about trying to have this celebration during a global pandemic, please share them with Nora Chaus at or (269) 373-4138. As we make these plans, it is important that we consider this from many different perspectives.

Last day of school is May 17.

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