End of Year Celebration Surprises to be Delivered Today

Nora and her daughter, Rachel will begin TOUCHLESS delivery of surprises to students on Friday. Both of them drive small bright blue cars.

Parents, do not open these packages until Sunday. When you open them Sunday, set aside the Progress Report (this is for you) and the following items (which you will hand to your student at the time their name is announced during the celebration):

  • Gift cards
  • Attendance Awards
  • Academic Awards
  • Director’s Awards
  • Library Awards
  • 18 Shabbats Awards

The teachers will award the silly awards, paper plate awards, photo of teachers, treats and toys) to your student during the first hour. Your student will come to you and ask for these when their teacher is ready to make these awards.

Plan to attend the celebration which begins at 11:15 in the Main Classroom on Zoom. Links to the classroom will be at the top Sunday’s blog post.

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