End of Year Celebration 5/24

We will have classes this Sunday from 9:15-11:15. It will be our last day of school.

The End of School Celebration will begin at 11:15. Here is our agenda.

  • Henei Mah Tov – Naomi Morse
  • Welcome & Housekeeping
  • Shehechyanu
  • Kaddish Rabbanam – Naomi Morse
  • 18 Shabbat Awards
  • Attendance Awards
  • Library Awards – Rachel Haus
  • Celebrating Birthdays – Naomi Morse
  • Academic Awards
  • Director’s Awards
  • Shana Winter Award
  • Recognition of Teachers and Volunteers
  • Recognition of Joint Religious School Committee
  • Thank you to the boards of TBI and CoM
  • Peace Video featuring our K-2 students
  • Closing Song – Naomi Morse

When you open your packets on Sunday, separate any of the above awards from everything else. Save the above awards until the 11:15 celebration. Parents will be the one to give their child the award when their name is called.

At some point before 11:15, the teachers will tell the students to go and ask their parents for everything that is not for one of the awards listed above from the packet.

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