OKCJS Online! 5/24

We will have class from 9:15-11:15. End of Year Celebration will begin at 11:15 in Main Classroom. Agenda below.

Grades K-4 and 7 meet in the Main Classroom.
Main Classroom Meeting ID: 614 995 499
Main Classroom Password: 092443

Grades 5-6 meet in Rabbi Schicker’s Classroom
Rabbi Schicker’s Meeting ID: 821 9422 0673
Rabbi Schicker’s Password: 012855

HS meet in High School Classroom.
Meeting ID: 998 6850 8715
Password: 5pNNkQ

End of Year Celebration begins at 11:15

  • Henei Mah Tov – Naomi Morse
  • Welcome & Housekeeping
  • 18 Shabbat Awards
  • Attendance Awards
  • Library Awards – Rachel Haus
  • Celebrating Birthdays – Naomi Morse
  • Academic Awards
  • Director’s Awards
  • Shana Winter Award
  • Recognition of Teachers and Volunteers
  • Recognition of Joint Religious School Committee
  • Thank you to the boards of TBI and CoM
  • Peace Video featuring our K-2 students
  • Closing Song – Naomi Morse

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