What to know for Sunday 10/18

Important Zoom Update

Please make sure you update Zoom to the newest version before Sunday. Current version is 5.3.2. The Zoom app does not notify you when there is an update available so it’s good to check for updates regularly.

Sukkah Building Contest

Winners will be announced Sunday. 3rd prize is a $6 Amazon gift card; 2nd prize is $9 Amazon gift card and 1st prize is $18 Amazon gift card.

We have entries from Akiva, Jonah W, Margot and Elijah T. Anyone else? Post a photo of your sukkah on Seesaw asap.

What to do if you need help on Sunday

Phone number to text or call ‭(269) 270-2825‬ (Rob Manson). Don’t call, text or email Nora. You will get a quicker response from Rob.

If you are having trouble logging in, find Zoom Classroom Links in sidebar.