Things for parents in your child’s blue folder

Family Schmoozes

On the left side of your child’s blue folder are the 5 Family Schmoozes that you can use to guide dinner table discussions with your children about our Ometz Lev modules. They are numbered and the number will match your child’s Ometz Lev assignment in Seesaw. The schmoozes are appropriate for all ages.

New Seesaw login for parents

Based upon parent feedback, we are recommending that parents use the same Seesaw app as the students use. Login instructions to log into your child’s Seesaw account are behind the Family Schmooze documents on the left side of the blue folder. You will be able to see your child’s assignments when using the Seesaw Class app which many parents have found useful.

Instructions for downloading the Seesaw Class app can be found in the sidebar of the Parent Blog at

New Zoom Login

There will be a new login to Zoom beginning Sunday. Login instructions are on the right side of the blue folder.