This Week at OKCJS

What’s Happening Wednesday

Drop in any time 4:30-6:30 to hang out with friends and teachers and get help with Home Learning Activities & Challenges or come for the following scheduled activities:


Come join Mrs. Rachel as she shares books from the Fisher Library with us. PreK-2 @ 4:30. Grades 3-7 @ 5:00

Hebrew Through Movement (grades PreK-5)

  • 4:30 HTM with Nava
  • 5:00 HTM with Nava
  • 6:00 HTM with Mr. Mannaberg

Kahoot! Games (grades 4-7)

Practice the prayers you are learning in class by playing games with your friends.

  • 4:30 with Mr. Mannaberg
  • 5:00 with Mr. Mannaberg
  • 6:00 with Mr. Mannaberg

Ometz Lev – New Judasim Module

Our PreK-7 students begin a new Judaism module today. Take a look at what your child will be learning.

Ometz means “strength” and Lev means “heart”. Ometz Lev literally means “strength of the heart” or “inner strength”.

Ometz lev is anchored in the second principle for caregivers working with people who have faced trauma: “calming”.

To regulate one’s emotionality, one needs to have inner strength, i.e., strength of the heart, to recognize when big feelings are taking over and to identify the appropriate coping tools to help return to a regulated state. Referencing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, once a person’s physiological needs (food, water, air, shelter) are met, then safety needs must be taken care of, including one’s personal security, especially the ability to recognize and calm one’s big feelings.

Over the next 5 lessons, our children will be learning how to identify and modulate their own big emotions. You can join in their learning with the Family Schmoozes included in our curriculum.

Ometz Lev Family Schmooze #1

Bring the Ometz Lev discussion to your family table. Use the Family Schmooze documents on the left side of your child’s blue folder to guide the discussion or find this week’s Family Schmooze #1 linked here.

New Zoom Login effective this Sunday

Where to find new login instructions

  1. In the right side of your child’s new blue folder.
  2. Linked from the sidebar of the Parent Blog.
  3. Linked here.

You will need to be logged into the Google account that you have given us to open the document.

What to do if I have trouble logging in on Sunday?

Text or call Rob Manson at ‭(269) 270-2825‬.

New Seesaw login for parents

Based upon parent feedback, we are recommending that parents use the same Seesaw app as the students use. Login instructions to log into your child’s Seesaw account are behind the Family Schmooze documents on the left side of the blue folder. You will be able to see your child’s assignments when using the Seesaw Class app which many parents have found useful.

Instructions for downloading the Seesaw Class app can be found in the sidebar of the Parent Blog at