Asynchronous Learning

Our asynchronous learning is not “homework” or review, it is new material that is not covered in person – and is an essential part of our curriculum. In order to reduce the amount of time spent on Zoom, we moved the pieces of our lessons that can be accomplished with individual work to our home learning platform. Most of our asynchronous assignments are analog in order to provide a respite from digital learning. To be successful, the asynchronous learning must be completed before class on Sunday as it is an essential piece of the curriculum.

Please do check in with your child and make sure they are completing their asynchronous learning each week so that they are prepared for class on Sundays. Assignments can be found in Seesaw. If you log into the Seesaw Class App as your student you can see what assignments they have that are unfinished. If you have questions about your child’s asynchronous assignments contact Nora Chaus or your child’s teacher.

Grades 3-7 Asynchronous Learning – Hebrew

Our 3rd grade asynchronous home learning lessons are created by Nora Chaus and Naomi Verne. Our 4th-7th grade lessons for Hebrew in Harmony were created by Rabbi Schicker and another rabbi. All of these asynchronous lessons give both support and flexibility to our students as they complete work that we used to do in the classroom.

PreK-7 Asynchronous Learning – Judaism

Content is introduced on Sunday but the real learning happens during the asynchronous lessons. Our students explore each week’s topic through activities and challenges. PreK-3 children complete activities that teach the lesson content through exploration and play. Grades 4-7 tackle weekly challenges with a heavy emphasis on problem-solving and creativity. Students asynchronous learning in Judaism is showcased during synchronous learning on Sundays.