Wednesday, December 9


  • 4:30 PreK-3 Library with Mrs. Rachel
  • 5:00 4-7 Library with Mrs. Rachel

Hebrew Through Movement (grades PreK-5)

  • 5:00 HTM with Nava
  • 6:00 HTM with Mr. Mannaberg

Kahoot! Games: K’dushah, Kiddush and L’cha Dodi (grades 4-7)

  • 4:30-6:00 with Mr. Mannaberg

4:30-6:30 Drop in any time to hang out with friends and teachers and get help with Home Learning Activities & Challenges 

Two full weeks of books on Chanukah!

Two full weeks of books on Chanukah? It doesn’t get any better!

For December 9, our youngest students will enjoy fun rhyming books about the basics of the holiday, while older students will delve into the text that started it all — The Book of Maccabees — from the Apocrypha, “hidden” books that never made it into the Tanach. But if Maccabees was never accepted as canon, how did Chanukah become so popular? And was there really a jar of oil that lasted 8 days? Find out next Wednesday!

On December 16, right in the midst of our Chanukah week, younger students will get SILLY, as I read the GOOFIEST Chanukah books in the Library. Older students will learn why cheese is as much a part of Chanukah as fried foods as we delve into the Book of Judith, also an apocryphal book excluded from the canon. Judith’s story can be a little bloody, so be prepared for some gore from some of our finest renaissance painters!