Sunday, January 10

We are back in regular school session this Sunday. Looking forward to seeing our students.

Sunday’s Schedule

9:15-12:15 High School
9:30-10:00 Socializing with Friends (optional)
10:00-10:15 Assembly
10:15-10:55 Lower El – Hebrew; Upper El – Judaism
11:15-12:55 Lower El – Judaism; Upper El – Hebrew
11:55-12:10 Mr. Mannaberg’s Hebrew Through Movement (4th & 5th Grade plus Jake)

Pick up School Supplies this Week

PreK-7 parents can pick up school supplies for our next module at the Congregation of Moses this week, Monday through Friday from 7am-2pm. If you are unable to go during these hours, please contact Nora to arrange for a more convenient time.

PreK-7 Glitter Warning!

We know that some of our parents do not allow glitter. Please be aware that glitter is one of the items in the upcoming week’s activity. If you do not want your child to use glitter, feel free to take it out of the supply bag. It is an optional ingredient.