This Week at OKCJS

Important Dates


4:30 PreK-3: Tu B’Shevat is on the horizon;  it’s hard to imagine a blossoming tree in the dead of winter, but Tu B’shevat is more than a “Birthday of the Trees”, but also a celebration of everything in nature and our jobs as custodians of the Earth. Thus there is an explosion of books on the subject, enough for our youngest students this week and Jan 27, the day before the holiday.

5:30 4-7: Older students will also learn about Tu B’shevat and specific mitzvot demanding that we protect the environment. But on Jan 20 — Inauguration Day — we will pivot back to Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday to learn about the Black/Jewish alliance in America and what rabbinical sources had to say about race, prejudice, and justice.

PreK-7 – G’vurah, New Judaism Module

This Week’s Family Schmooze

Each week’s Judaism lesson comes with a discussion guide for the week’s lesson that is appropriate for the entire family. Copies were placed for you in your child’s blue folder. We suggest that you put the Family Schmooze documents on your fridge but just in case it might be easier to have access to the digital version, here’s the link to this week’s Schmooze.