Wednesday, February 17

Wednesday Schedule

  • 4:30 PreK-3 Library with Mrs. Rachel
  • 5:00 PreK-3 Hebrew Through Movement with Miss Nava
  • 5:00 Rabbi Schicker’s class prayer review with Kahoot!
  • 5:30 Grades 4-7 Library with Mrs. Rachel
  • 6:00 Mr. Mannaberg’s class prayer review with Kahoot! (Ein Keloheinu/Adon Olam)

Students can also drop in for help with the asynchronous learning or just to hang out with friends and teachers at any time between 4:30-6:30.

Library this Week

Before there was the holiday of “Purim”, there was Megilat Ester (the Scroll of Esther) and that’s what we’re going to focus on today with the younger students. Esther was a hero for her people when few women were even given names in the Tanach — what better way to link our school’s current curriculum of “g’vurah” (power and strength for good) than to highlight the amazing story of Esther!

For the older students, we’ll also discuss Purim, but from quite a different angle. Next Saturday is Shabbat Zachor, meaning Shabbat of remembrance — but what are we supposed to remember…or, to never forget? It’s not what you think.

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