Wednesday, March 10

Wednesday Schedule

  • 4:30 PreK-3 Library with Mrs. Rachel
  • 5:00 PreK-3 Hebrew Through Movement with Miss Nava
  • 5:00 Rabbi Schicker’s class prayer review with Kahoot! (Birchot HaTorah)
  • 5:30 Grades 4-7 Library with Mrs. Rachel
  • 6:00 Mr. Mannaberg’s class prayer review with Kahoot! (Mah Nishtanah)

Students can also drop in for help with the asynchronous learning or just to hang out with friends and teachers at any time between 4:30-6:30.

Library this Week

This coming Saturday is Shabbat HaChodesh, announcing the new month of Nisan (and reminding us that Pesach is not far behind). But why a special Shabbat about one of the Jewish months…now? Because even though we celebrate Rosh Hashanah as the Jewish new year, the biblical new year is Nisan, called the 1st month, the beginning of spring (aviv).

For the younger students, we will read books exploring the quirks of the Jewish calendar, as well as that special holiday traditionally celebrated by women — Rosh Chodesh, i.e. the 1st of the month — and how it relates to Aviv, the 1st month of the year.

Also this week, the haftarah is from the book of Ezekiel, so the older students will explore one of the weirdest and most “out there” prophets in the entire Tanach!