Week of April 11

If you need help getting onto Zoom during school, text or call Rob Manson at (269) 270-2825.

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What students MUST have for school this week


Bring these things to class:

  • Challah (Children will only need a small amount of challah each week.  Buy or make a loaf, freeze it and give them just the amount they can eat each week.
  • “Wine” glass. Can be a cup, plastic glass, water bottle. Optionally filled with liquid of your choice (we can also “pretend”).
  • Two candles (PreK-3 can use the Shabbat candles from activity box)
  • Two candlesticks (optional)
  • Kiddush cup (optional)


  • Small “finger treats” such as nuts, raisins, Cheerios, Goldfish, etc. Served in a small bowl with a second small bowl for our activity.

Grades 4-7

Students need their Hebrew in Harmony booklet.

  • Mannaberg – Shema
  • Spivak – Avot v’Imahot
  • Schicker – Birchot HaHaftarah

The transliterated name of the prayer is at the bottom of the page. Let Nora know if your student doesn’t have this booklet.


Pick up School Supplies this week

School supplies for our final module of the year are ready for pick up at CoM this week, Monday-Friday from 8:30am-2pm. 
PreK-3 (Lower El) parents pick up:

  • 1 Activity box with your child’s name on it
  • 1 Yellow folder with your child’s name on it
  • 1 white pegboard
  • Any of these you don’t have at home or from a previous activity box:
    • 1 School glue
    • 1 Glue pen or stick
    • 3 each washable markers
    • 1 Hole punch

Grades 4-7 (Upper El) pick up:

  • Folder(s) with your child’s name on it(them)

Take your Upper El student with you so they can see the “Complement Chain” that they made in class this Sunday.  It’s hanging above their folders.  If the student can’t come, take a photo.
 If you need to arrange another pickup time, contact Nora.

Preparation for Student-Led Service

Each PreK-7 student will be assigned a role in the service that will be held on Zoom on 5/14 at 7pm. High School students are encouraged to volunteer for a role as well.

  • PreK-3 students will be leading prayers that have hand motions. There will be opportunities to learn the motions during assembly and also each Monday and Wednesday during drop in from 5-6pm. Please make sure your students get numerous opportunities to practice so that they will be prepared for the service.
  • Grades 4-7 will lead Hebrew prayers they have learned this year and their teacher will use their 1:1 time to make sure they are prepared.
  • There are English readings that will be assigned as well.

A copy of the service order with assignments and playlist will be available soon.


This Week’s Family Schmooze (All Grades)



Asynchronous Learning – Judaism

There has been a technical difficulty with SeeSaw and the activities for Lessons 3 and 4 of K’hillah did not post so that students could see them. They are now visible to students in SeeSaw. The activities for this week’s lesson (Lesson 5) will be visible to students on Sunday at 10am.

PreK-7 La-bri’ut Lesson (Judaism)

Lesson 5: In our final week of the K’hillah module the students ask “How do we continue to strengthen k’hillah?” They identify important ways each member of the k’vutzah contributes to the k’hillah and create a chain of compliments to strengthen the bonds among children.

PreK-3 Activity Box Instructions

There is no PreK-3 activity this week.

4-7 Judaism Challenge Instructions

The challenge: Students will consider how their interviewee strengthens the k’hillah. Students share stories or things learned about k’hillah from the interview.

4-7 Video instructions

4-7 Written Instructions



Asynchronous Learning – Hebrew

These assignments are DUE 4/18.

4-7 Hebrew in Harmony Challenges

These challenges guide the student through the booklet activities that are NOT covered in class. Students can access all links in SeeSaw.

4-7 Kahoot! Games

These games review the content students learn in class and in their workbook activities and can be played multiple times until all questions are mastered. Students can access all links in SeeSaw

By playing these popular games, students are able to practice their skills and prepare for competitions with their classmates. We hold LIVE competitions during each class’ 30 minute drop-in session and the final competition is usually scheduled for the 4th (last) Sunday that the booklet is studied. Weekday Kahoot! drop-in times are Mannaberg @ 6pm Wednesday, Spivak @ 4:30pm Monday and Schicker @ 5:00pm Wednesday.

If parents want to play along, or just see what Kahoot! is all about, here’s what the kids are playing this week:


Hebrew Through Movement (HTM)

We offer HTM lessons on Sunday, mornings, at 5:00pm on Monday and Wednesday and during Hebrew 1:1s. We find that retention is best with 3 HTM lessons per week and highly recommend that students attend three sessions (Sunday, one weekday and 1:1). We also play games with these vocabulary words during weekday drop-ins.

Beginning 4/11 and through most of the rest of the year we will be learning about Shabbat during Hebrew Through Movement.  Below is a list of our vocabulary for the Shabbat Level 1 unit.  Items needed each week will be listed in the Must Have for School This Week list at the top of this post.  You probably have most of these items around your house but may need to purchase or bake the challah.  Children will only need a small amount of challah each week.  Buy or make a loaf, freeze it and give them just the amount they can eat each week.  Substitute grape juice for the wine.  When we get to bread, it will be just regular bread, not challah. We introduce about 3 words each week in the order listed. We may move faster if most of the children know the words we introduce.

חַלָּה/חַלּוֹתChallah/Challotbraided Sabbath bread
קִדּוּשׁKiddushprayer/blessing over wine
יַיִן (כּוֹס יַיִן)Ya’een (Kos Ya’een)wine/ wine glass
נֵר/נֵרוֹתNer/Nerotcandle, candles
candlestick, candlesticks
כּוֹס קִדּוּשׁKos Kiddushholy cup
נֶר הַבְדָּלָהNer HavdalahHavdalah candle

All of the HTM vocabulary words can be found in the sidebar.

Here is a video that will help parents with pronunciation. The video or table above should not be shared with students. Our students are learning to HEAR and understand Hebrew. They are not learning to translate. Our goal is to keep English out of our HTM lessons.


Sunday’s Schedule

  • 9:30-10:00 Socializing with Friends (optional)
  • 10:00-10:15 Assembly
  • 10:15-12:15 High School
  • 10:15-10:55 PreK-7 – Hebrew
  • 10:55-11:15 Break
  • 11:15-12:55 PreK-7 – Judaism
  • 11:55-12:10 Mr. Mannaberg’s Hebrew Through Movement (4th & 5th Grade)

Monday’s Schedule

  • 4:30 PreK-3 Story Time with Sam
  • 4:30 Rabbi Spivak’s class prayer review with Kahoot! (Avot v’Imahot)
  • 5:00 PreK-3 Hebrew Through Movement & practice for student led service

Students can also drop in for help with the asynchronous learning or just to hang out with friends and teachers at any time between 4:30-6:30.


Wednesday’s Schedule

  • 4:30 PreK-3 Story Time with Mrs. Rachel
  • 5:00 PreK-3 Hebrew Through Movement & practice for student led service
  • 5:00 Rabbi Schicker’s class prayer review with Kahoot! (Birchot HaTorah)
  • 5:30 Grades 4-7 Library with Mrs. Rachel
  • 6:00 Mr. Mannaberg’s class prayer review with Kahoot! (Mah Nishtanah)

Students can also drop in for help with the asynchronous learning or just to hang out with friends and teachers at any time between 4:30-6:30.


Library this Wednesday

It’s easy to celebrate Yom Ha-Atzmaut at the Okun School, considering  Fisher Library has hundreds of books on all aspects of Israel. Last week, the younger students read books about the history, geography, and people of Israel, but this week they will learn about Israel Independence Day itself! 
Meanwhile, the older students will do a textual analysis of Zionism — the foundational idea that led to Israel’s establishment. What may surprise them is that there isn’t just one Zionism, but many. The question is, which Zionism prevailed? 


Important Dates

4/25/2021 – Guest rabbi who is a candidate for CoM’s rabbinic position will be assisting our teachers. Please make her feel welcome.

5/14/2021 – Student Led Service @ TBI on Zoom with awarding of Shana Winter award to last year’s winner, Abby Strongin.

5/23/2021 – Last Day of School Celebration


Message from Camp Tavor

Dear Kalamazoo Families,

We are delighted to announce Legacy Heritage Fund has established an incentive program at Camp Tavor for new campers for two summers, starting in summers 2021 and 2022.
New eligible campers enrolled in a 3-week program or longer will save $1500 off tuition this year and a guaranteed $1500 for summer 2022.
The program’s goal is to enrich children’s Jewish learning and identity by giving them the opportunity to attend camps with strong Jewish content and programming. Families from West Michigan are eligible. All first-time campers in a 19-day program are also eligible for the One Happy Camper Grant which could be up to another $1,000 off this summer’s tuition.
That means this summer you could save up to $2500 on tuition.
Qualifying campers must be first-time campers entering 4th -10th grade.
I would love an opportunity to talk to you more about Camp Tavor and our program. Feel free to contact me directly at Randy@camptavor.org.

Randy Lubratich (She/Her/Hers)
Community Engagement Coordinator | Habonim Dror Camp Tavor
269-215-1399 | Randy@CampTavor.org
Want to talk, feel free to schedule a date and time: https://calendly.com/camptavor/connecting-about-camp-tavor
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