A Special Wednesday this Week at Drop-in

4th-7th: Prepare for the Great Kahoot! Challenge this Wednesday

Join your friends from 4:30-6pm this Wednesday to prepare yourselves to win at Kahoot! on Sunday, November 1. Also be sure to practice the Kahoot! posted in Seesaw on your own during the week.

Spooky Library Readings on Wednesday

With Halloween coming up, Mrs. Rachel will be focusing on all the creepy, crawly, and spooky that is very much a part of Judaism! With everything from demons, dybbuks, ibburs (ghosts), golems, witches, magic, and amulets riddling every major text, it’s hard for her to choose which to present — quite a conundrum! Come this Wednesday to find out. PreK-3 at 4:30. 4-7 at 5.

Weekday Schedule

Drop in at other times for our usual fun weekday fare. Monday-Thursday from 4:30-6:30. See schedule in the sidebar.

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What to Know for Sunday October 25

What to do if you need help during school hours

Between 9am and noon on Sunday phone number to text or call ‭(269) 270-2825‬ (Rob Manson). Don’t call, text or email Nora during school hours. You will get a quicker response from Rob.

If you are having trouble logging in, find Zoom Classroom Links in sidebar.

Where we meet

Grades PreK-10 will meet in the Lower Elementary Classroom.

Important Zoom Update

For the security of our students, please be sure to update your Zoom app on your computer, phone or tablet. The newest version is 5.3.2.

High School

High School meets from 9:15-12:15. Steph says, “don’t forget you’re making a treat today”. Better Together meets right after High School at 12:15.

Still having trouble with apps?

Nora is happy to meet with parents and/or students 1:1 to help resolve any issues or confusion you have with apps. Email Nora to set up an appointment.

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Importance of Home Learning

In our virtual learning model, our home learning assignments are very important. We included home learning in our model so that our students wouldn’t have to spend so much time staring at a screen. The home activities and challenges are primarily analogue with the computer being used only to present the instructions.

The Sunday classes and the home learning together are the equivalent of what we used to do on Sundays. They are designed to complement each other. The Hebrew home learning (grades 3-7) helps prepare the student for their Sunday lesson and the Judaism home learning (grades PreK-7) encourages independent exploration of the concepts introduced on Sunday.

You can expect your student to have one required Hebrew home learning and one required Judaism home learning each week. Please be sure to set aside time each week for your student to complete their home learning.

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Noah’s Ark at the Library

We’re chugging right along with the Torah. Next Shabbat is the story of Noah, and Noah’s ark books abound! Problem is, which to choose? I decided to focus on community helpers, small and big.

I went with a charmer called THE CHAMELEON THAT SAVED NOAH’S ARK by Yael Molchadsky. Things are humming right along in the ark, except the chameleons are proving to be picky eaters. Then, Naamah (Noah’s wife) discovers worms eating all the produce! What to do? The tiny chameleons show the way by gobbling up the worms (except 2 of course), thereby saving the food supply. Even little ones can help in a big way!

Our 2nd book was a midrashic tale called OG’S ARK by Allison Marks, depicting the giant Og, who looked pretty scary, but loved animals and helped Noah herd them onto the ark in exchange for a place to rest (on TOP of the ark!) during the flood. Though his size made him an outcast, he ended up being the biggest helper of all!

(Og, King of Bashan, is actually in the Torah, but lived on extensively in midrash. For a whimsical outline of his exploits, try this: https://www.chabad.org/…/Memoirs-of-Og-the-Not-So…).

Finally, I was able to corral some more older students to read a book I introduced last week — JONAS SALK AND THE POLIO VACCINE by Katherine Krohn. Aside from reading the book, I also put together a slide show of the era. They had never heard of Salk or polio (aren’t they lucky!), so this was a good lesson.

All these books and more can be checked out from our website https://fisherlibrary.rmwebopac.com/.

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What’s Happening Wednesday?

Come join us. We have a lot of fun on weekdays. Pick one or more of the following activities and then plan to stay and hang out with your friends and teachers. Call your friends and arrange a time to come together.


  • 4:30 PreK-3 Library with Mrs. Rachel
  • 5:00 4-7 Library with Mrs. Rachel

HTM (grades PreK-5)

Kahoot! Games (grades 4-7)

  • 4:30 Kahoot! games with Mr. Mannaberg
  • 5:30 Kahoot! games with Mr. Mannaberg

Help with Home Learning

4:30-6:30 Drop in any time to hang out with friends and teachers and get help with Home Learning Activities & Challenges 

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What to know for Sunday 10/18

Important Zoom Update

Please make sure you update Zoom to the newest version before Sunday. Current version is 5.3.2. The Zoom app does not notify you when there is an update available so it’s good to check for updates regularly.

Sukkah Building Contest

Winners will be announced Sunday. 3rd prize is a $6 Amazon gift card; 2nd prize is $9 Amazon gift card and 1st prize is $18 Amazon gift card.

We have entries from Akiva, Jonah W, Margot and Elijah T. Anyone else? Post a photo of your sukkah on Seesaw asap.

What to do if you need help on Sunday

Phone number to text or call ‭(269) 270-2825‬ (Rob Manson). Don’t call, text or email Nora. You will get a quicker response from Rob.

If you are having trouble logging in, find Zoom Classroom Links in sidebar.

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Library Story Time — Sukkot!

High Holy Days are chugging right along. Next up this Friday night — SUKKOT!

Sukkot is a joyous, but contradictory holiday. We celebrate the glorious bounty of the fall harvest, enveloped by the warmth of fellowship and good food. But we do so in a structure that is highly fragile, leaving us exposed, vulnerable to the elements. What better metaphor for our current situation? And as I was searching for books to read to the kids, I was overwhelmed by the choices that would speak not only to the holiday, but to the reality of our lives. For more on sukkot, see https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/sukkot-101/ (which includes a Leggo Sukkot movie!)

I began with ENGINEER ARI AND THE SUKKAH EXPRESS by Deborah Bodin Cohen. Engineer Ari is delighted to celebrate sukkot with his good friends at home, but is sad that he cannot also celebrate with friends he’s made on his train’s route. What do his friends do? They turn one of the train’s cars into a travelling sukkah! Now that’s innovative thinking!

With TBI and COM closed for services, it might be difficult for families to perform the mitzvah of the lulav and etrog. So I figured we could go on a SUKKOT TREASURE HUNT by Allison Ofanansky, about a girl and her family who look for the 4 species — lulav (date palm), arava (willow), hadas (myrtle), and etrog (citrus fruit) — tied to sukkot.

For older children (though the younger ones enjoyed it too), I threw in a slightly spooky story by Isaac Bashevis Singer called A TALE OF THREE WISHES — 3 children learn what happens on the last night of sukkot when, according to legend, the sky opens and your wish is granted…but only if you stand in a graveyard!

Oh, how many more books I wanted to read to them! For instance, TIKVAH MEANS HOPE by Patricia Polacco, could have been ripped from today’s headlines — a family in Oakland CA preparing for sukkot just as the wildfires of Oct. 1991 wreak havok.

Or our newest book, HILLEL BUILDS A HOUSE by Shoshana Lepon about a boy who loves to build things and realizes that sukkot is his perfect opportunity!

Please check out our online catalog https://fisherlibrary.rmwebopac.com/, reserve whatever you like, and pick it up from the shul. It’s all waiting for you!

Chag sameach!

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Library Story Time for Yom Kippur — Teshuva and Mechila

Yom Kippur is on the horizon and so I read two books to the kids that touched on the choices we make and the power of forgiveness.

The first was relatively new — YOM KIPPUR SHORTSTOP by David A. Adler. What do you do when the most important Little League game of the year falls on Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar? Similar to the quandary faced by world-famous ball player Sandy Koufax, Jacob must make a tough decision — which team is more important to him?

Our 2nd book was tried and true SAMMY SPIDER’S FIRST YOM KIPPUR by Sylvia Rouss.

Of course, Josh and Sammy learn all about saying “I’m sorry”, but the bigger lesson they learn is the importance of mechila (forgiveness). Teshuva (repentance) is a two-way street; if teshuva is sincere and lasting, then the wronged person is REQUIRED to offer mechila, bringing healing to both sides. See the following for more info: https://www.myjewishlearning.com/…/is-forgiveness…/

Tzom kal and gamar chatima v’tova — Easy fast and may you be sealed for good [in the Book of Life].

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Library Story Time for Rosh Hashanah

Last Wednesday was my first Library Storytime of the new school year and of course I had a tech snafu. Still, in the end I had fun reading 2 wonderful books to lower elementary.

First was a brand new book written and illustrated by two Orthodox sisters back in May when everyone was in extreme lockdown. LET’S STAY HOME by Mushka and Bluma Lewis is a delightful rhyming story about a brother and sister trying to navigate their world — school on Zoom in their pajamas, everyone under foot and stressed (sound familiar?) — in the very strange reality of Covid-19. And yet they are thankful that they are safe, healthy, and able to communicate through the wonders of modern technology.

The second book was an old Rosh Hashanah favorite, but strangely appropriate for our times — THE WORLD’S BIRTHDAY by Barbara Diamond Goldin. Understanding that Rosh Hashanah celebrates, among other things, the world’s creation, a young boy wants to throw it a birthday party, complete with cake and candles. But how to invite the whole world? Why, bring the party (and the cake) outside, of course! Both books speak to our current challenges, but they suggest ways to enjoy daily and religious ritual through innovation and flexibility.

Thus, the Library may not be open physically, but through our new online catalog https://fisherlibrary.rmwebopac.com/, you can still check items out (including the two books I read to the kids). Also, for the most up-to-date information on the Library and virtual literary programs, check us out on our Facebook page — https://www.facebook.com/groups/FisherLibrary or on Twitter — https://twitter.com/FisherLibCOM.


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Revised Weekday Schedule

This week’s learning includes:

  1. Attend at least one weekday drop-in session each week in the Lower El classroom on Zoom. See new schedule below. Students are welcome to come everyday. We are happy to keep your students occupied so that you can get some work done!
  2. Complete home learning activities posted in Seesaw by 8am Friday each week.
  3. Schedule 1:1 Hebrew lessons. Go here to schedule and see Zoom links for Hebrew 1:1 if you haven’t done so already.

Based upon attendance and parent feedback, we have made a few changes to the weekday schedule.


4:30 PreK-3 Story Time
5:00 Hebrew Through Movement 
5:30 Hebrew Through Movement 
6:00 Hebrew Through Movement 
4:30-6:30 3-7 Lego Alef Bet, Kahoot! & Quizlet Games 
4:30-6:30 Help with Home Learning Activities & Challenges


5:00 PreK-3 Story Time
4:30-6:30 3-7 Lego Alef Bet, Kahoot! & Quizlet Games
4:30-6:30 Help with Home Learning Activities & Challenges


4:30 PreK-2 Library with Mrs. Rachel
5:00 Hebrew Through Movement 
5:30 Hebrew Through Movement 
6:00 Hebrew Through Movement 
4:30-6:30 3-7 Lego Alef Bet, Kahoot! & Quizlet Games 
4:30-6:30 Help with Home Learning Activities & Challenges


5:30 PreK-3 Story Time 
4:30-6:30 3-7 Lego Alef Bet, Kahoot! & Quizlet Games
4:30-6:30 Help with Home Learning Activities & Challenges

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