Questions for the Ride Home

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KWhat sound does Bet make? How did people help baby Moses?
1-2What is Torah? Why should we read the Torah? What “sacred” items do you have in your life? Etz Chayim Hi: Being a tree that is always growing and learning! 
3What does k’dushah mean? What is holy to you, to our family, and in Judaism?
4When should you say a blessing?  What are you grateful for? Promote  a sense of gratitude for food, natural wonders, shabbat and mitzvot.
5-6What is the Tanakh? How many sections are there in the Hebrew Bible? What does K’tuvim (writings) mean?
7What does “ashrei” mean and why would there be a prayer about how we feel in God’s house?  What was Abraham’s journey about? In what way is your life a journey?
HSWhat secular and religious practices exist in your home (if any). If not, how would you like that to be different? What age group/role do you want to serve in the school this year? Kindergarten vs. 6th grade, etc. Why this age group? What role do you want to serve in the classroom? Why?

Judaism Lesson Overview

KMiriam & MosesIn our own lives we can choose how we allow others to be treated.  We can watch while people or family members get hurt or we can try to help others lead happy and healthy lives.
1-2Introduction: What Is Torah?How is the story of Torah different that other stories I might read, and how is it the same? How is the Book of Genesis like a journey? What do I have in common with the people in the Torah?
3Introduction to Vayikra/Leviticus Parashat K’doshim:  HolinessWhat does k’dushah/holiness mean?  What people, places, actions and things are Kadosh/holy?
4Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and the B’ritWhat is Am Yisrael?  What is Eretz Yisrael?  What is the bri’t that connects Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and God?  In addition to exploring these concepts, this lesson introduces the skills necessary to find citations in the Bible.
5-6Introduction to K’Tuvim/WritingsWhat is K’tuvim/Writings?  What type of literature is found in K’tuvim/Writings?  How did God reveal God’s self to our ancestors and how does God reveal God’s self to us today?
7Lech L’cha:  The Journeys We TakeWhat is the journey Abraham is asked to take?Why would Abraham want to take such a journey?  What blessings can Abraham expect to receive and what are the things he might be afraid of?
HSThe Birth of Our People, Monotheism and the Early IsraelitesToday we are guided by the same core ethical values as our ancestors.  Our ancestors’ ability to balance the need for change with their commitment to Jewish tradition continues to inspire us.

K-3 Hebrew Lesson Overview

LetterTransliteration & TranslationWord of the DayTransliteration & TranslationLesson
בֵּית כְּנֶסֶת
House (bayit)
Synagogue(Bayt Kenesset)

1-2בּ ת תּ  Bet, Tav, Tavבַּת מִצוָהבַּר מִצוָהתוֹרָהBat Mitzvah
Bar Mitzvah
3בּ ת תּ ש
patah kametz
Bet, Tav, Tav, Shin
Vowel “ah”

4-7 Hebrew Lesson Overview

MannabergBrachot (blessings for food and Shabbat)Blessings are a daily part of Jewish life.
SchickerKiddushRead the Kiddush correctly.  Recognize the root of קדשׁ and find it in the prayer.  Understand how melody can help connect us to the meaning of a prayer.
SpivakAshreiRead and understand the opening lines of Ashrei.  Discuss how being content can lead to happiness.
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What You Need to Know for the First Day of School

School at Congregation of Moses – 9:15-12:15.

Registration Forms & Tuition Payments

Joint Religious School Committee (JRSC) members will be on hand in the lobby from 9:00-9:45 to accept your tuition payment and permission slips and check to be sure you have completed the  Online Registration Form which is required before students are admitted to class.

What Your Student Should Bring

All students need a bag to use as their school bag this year. Put the following things in it:

  • Kindergarten – A baby doll if they have one
  • 1st & 2nd Grade – Their baby book or pictures of themselves as a baby
  • 3rd-7th Grades – Their green folder & black binder from last year
  • 4th-7th Grades – Torah or Tanach if you have one

New Drop-off and Pick-up Policy

To ensure your student’s safety, we have a new policy for Drop-off and Pick-up.

9:00am – Front door will be unlocked and drop-off begins. Come in, enjoy some coffee, chat with friends and make new ones. Please stay with your child until the teachers are prepared for students.

9:10am – Teachers will be prepared and students are allowed into the school wing.

9:15am – Classes start.

9:20am – Front doors are locked. If you arrive after 9:20, bring your child to the south door by the Sofen Room. Ring the bell and Rob or Nora will meet you there and walk your student(s) to class. So that we stay safe and minimize disruption to classes in session, no students should enter the classroom wing from the front door after 9:20 and no student or parent should enter a classroom after 9:20 without Rob or Nora.

12:00-12:15pm – Please don’t pick-up your student(s) during this time so that teachers can review the lesson and explain what students can do at home during the week. If you need to pick up early, plan to do so before noon.

12:15pm – Parents meet their student in the classroom. Teacher will release student only to their parent(s) unless written permission has been given to the Director. This applies to all grades.

Note: Kindergarten parents will pick up their student in the Sofen Room at the south end of the school hallway. 1st & 2nd grade parents can pick up their student in the Library. If parents of these children would like to sit in on the library or music class, please come to the south door by 11:45am and see Nora or Rob.

Teachers & Classrooms

Class Schedule


Be sure to see the school calendar that is linked from the sidebar. It is a Goggle Calendar that can be downloaded to your device by clicking the plus (+) sign in the bottom right corner of the calendar.

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Parent To Do List

Here is what you need to do so that your student will be ready for school on Sunday, September 8:

  1. Complete the online registration if you haven’t already.
    • Go ahead and start it now, you can stop and return to the registration at a later date.
    • This must be done BEFORE your child is allowed into class.
  2. Assign a bag for your child to use as their school bag this year.
    • This can be a cloth shopping bag, book bag, backpack, etc.
    • Put their name on it.
  3. Find your returning 3rd-7th graders Green Folder and Black Binder.
    • Put these in their bag.
  4. Remind your 3rd-7th grader to play games in their Shalom Hebrew or Hebrew in Harmony App every day this week. Just games. Tell them they can’t do anything else.

Your student(s) are ready for school. Now that wasn’t hard, was it?

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Registration Time is Here!

School starts on September 8. Please register your child(ren) NOW so that we can place our books and supplies order. Tuition is not due until the first day of school.

What you need to do:

  1. Complete the Online Registration Form
  2. Print and fill in the Registration Documents.
  3. Mail your documents to Director, OKCJS, 2501 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49008 or bring them with you on the first day of school.

Tuition Rates for 5780 (2019-20)

$425 per student/per year (PreK – 2nd Grade)
$550 per student/per year (3rd – 7th Grades
$325 per student/per year (8th – 10th Grade)
10% TUITION discount for large families (3+ students :
$25 per student/per year for snack

If you have questions, please contact Nora Chaus at or phone or text 269-373-4138.

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Summer Hebrew Practice

We hope you are having a great summer enjoying family and friends and just getting more time to relax and play.  If you add just a little bit of Hebrew practice to your fun and lazy summer days, it will make a lot of difference come fall.

Here are our recommendations for each grade.  We have provided links to the resources that you may need in the sidebar to the right.  Use the recommendations for the grade(s) your student(s) were in last school year.


Set aside a time each day to review the Hebrew letters with your child(ren). Parents who don’t know Hebrew can learn along with their child using the materials available on the OKCJS website.
  • Talk about the letters you know with your family. 
  • Make letter shapes with food, play doh, your body, etc. 
  • Make letter shapes with Legos. Follow the directions in the sidebar.
  • Draw/color pictures about the letters you know.
  • Color pages from My Book of Hebrew Letters (see link in sidebar).
The Shalom Hebrew app reviews all of the Hebrew decoding skills that students need to be successful learning Hebrew prayers.

Grades 1-3

  • Use the Shalom Hebrew app to work through lessons 1-25 again and play the games.
  • Make letter shapes with Legos. Follow the directions in the sidebar.
  • Read aloud to the family.  The Read & Read Again and Family Companion worksheets can be downloaded from the sidebar on the right.
  • Parents who don’t read Hebrew can use the “cheat sheet” second page of the Family Companion. Just don’t let your student(s) use it!

Grades 4-6

Zombie Pizza Party is a fun game on the Hebrew in Harmony app.
  • Use the Hebrew in Harmony app to practice the prayers you have learned and play the games. 
  • Practice prayers that you have learned (see list of prayers by level in Order for Prayer Learning in the sidebar on the right).

Grade 7

  • Follow Rabbi Spivak’s instructions.

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