Where is my student’s login code to Seesaw?

You will find the login codes to Seesaw in your students’ blue folder. It is on the left side pocket, in the back. There are two pages, one for the Seesaw Family app (for parents) and one for the Seesaw Class app (for students). Follow the instructions to install both apps.

How are we using Seesaw at OKCJS?

We are using Seesaw:

  • For teachers to share home learning activities with students,
  • For students to post their home learning activities for their teacher, parents and peers to see,
  • To allow students to see, comment and like each other’s work,
  • To allow families to see, comment and like their student’s work and
  • To allow teachers to review and correct students’ work.

For Parents

What is Seesaw?

For Students

Tour of the Class App

How to Log In