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Today was a great first day. It was wonderful to meet all of the students.

To start the day we sang songs, and decorated kippahs that will stay in the classroom.

The letter of the week was bet. Students traced bet on a whiteboard, and repeated its sound and name.
Children learned the Hebrew word for house begins with a bet (bayit).

Students and made drawings of houses, one side showing a shalom bayit (a peaceful house) the other an unhappy house.

For Judaism, students learned the story of Mariam and Moses. Each student acted out the story, pretending their doll was baby Moses. 

We also spoke about the different people who helped save baby Moses. Students were sent home with a thank you card to write to those who helped him. 

To wrap up the day, students listened to a story in library and sang songs in music.

In the right pocket of the green take home folder, students received the letter bet packet, a bet coloring sheet,  Miriam and Moses packet, and a coloring sheet of Moses in the river, and a thank you card to someone who saved baby Moses.

At home, students should color both coloring pages, and complete the thank you card to get the special snack next Sunday. 

Completing the packets are optional, but recommended.

Thank you,

Alex Goldenberg
Kindergarten Teacher

Photos by Mari Levin, Kindergarten Room Parent

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